Summit City Bass Masters

2008 Tournament Pictures




Tournament Pictures

Lake Wawasee, Spring













Hamilton Lake





























Crooked Lake










Lake St. Clair

 Day 1















Day 2











Randall Lake


Lake Wawasee, Summer




















Coldwater Lake


Clear Lake










Classic - Paw Paw Lake, Michigan

















Lake Wawasee, Fall
















Other Club Member Pictures



  Kevin Galbreath St. Clair Mi.                         Max Egley, Lake Okeechobee Flordia                    Nathan Fox, Lake George. Mi



                                                           Mike Uptgraft in Florida                                                                       Greg Rekeweg, Max Egley and Dick Walters in Florida December 2006      



Bob Bruick (Shown holding Jim's fish), Jim Graham and Max Egley (also holding Jim's Fish) on Kissimmee Lake Florida January 2008



                 Nathan Fox on Chapman Lake, Indiana,  Long Lake, Michigan and Elk Lake in Michigan


Bob Bruick Finishing 2nd for the State of Indiana 15th overall, in the 2008 BASS Federation Nation Divisional Tournament on Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin.















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