Summit City Bassmasters

Official 2003 End of the Season Point standings revised as of October 30, 2003

As provided by Steve (Sumo) Somers, Tournament Committee Chairman
Place Name Points
1st Bob Bruick 398
1st Greg Rekeweg 398
3rd Wendel Brown 364
4th Max Egley 320
5th Bill Hovermale 314
6th Doug Haines 310
7th Kevin Galbreath 284
8th Chad Houser 270
9th Gary Sanderlin 258
10th Corey Linder 246
10th Steve Somers 246
12th Mark Kirk 210
13th Dan White 178
14th Jose Torrez 143
14th Dave Ehrman 143
16th Brian Zeigler 113
17th Kyle Winling 100
18th Tony Egley 80
19th Dave Smith 79
20th Roger Moison 57
21st Jason House 42

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